The Q.U.A.C.K Squad Memoirs

Three homies and a rubber ducky. Pause...


Epic Fail...

So i think is safe to say that its never a good idea to square off against a flaming Hom-- eh.. "Happy" person *looks around*.. #1 reason being that ALL "Happy" people can fight and have the strength of MMA fighters who take steroids straight to the cheeks (hehe) and they all secretly know Karate (for some reason) .. and #2 theres always a slight chance that you might lose any fight you get yourself into.. no straight man wants to publicly get his ass whooped by another man who sprinkles glitter all over his chest right before going to his home boys house to watch spongebob (or w/e it is happy people do alone).. So my advice to the fellow in this video and to all men for future reference is that is if you ever feel macho and decide to go mano y mano with anyone like that.. DONT DO IT!!! I dont wanna have to talk about you in future videos.. thnx... PS... If the nigga your about to fight comes outside in SOCKS.. your probably gonna catch the hands DEAD ASS!!


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