The Q.U.A.C.K Squad Memoirs

Three homies and a rubber ducky. Pause...

Dude Named Young Flame goes off the top freestyling about everything that his firends place into his hands... I like I like!!!


Random Flix

Us when we first found out we really had to mow a lawn...

Action Shot - Jboy Dunk

Being chased by a lawn mower = no fun

Huge turtle wrangling by Cake Man Raven

I journeyed over to USC on Easter weekend with the cake team and Cake Man Raven himself 2 check out the Kappa probate.... i must say... it was nice... !!BUT!! I believe they failed to portray the fraternity values and what they're supposed to stand for. All i really saw was a lot of dry humping and shoulder shaking... but i guess that was just them playing into he stereo type...

Although I believe there is a crazy energy behind what some of these "non-lyrical" rappers are saying, I concur 100%

Where can i find this VIDEO!!!!! Im buyin it ASAP

Secretly this turned me ALLLLL the way oN!!!!

I kno Bat Man had to feel like that at least a couple of times... I imagine him being in the middle of gettin some..*ahem*... "work done"... *looks around*... and then this silly signal pops up in the middle of the sky. It had 2 b frustrating leaving in the middle of .... work...


Chris Breezy!!! Dropped a mixtape nd its hot, im really feelin this one. Im feelin it so much that i decided to put it on the blog, so listen and enjoy....

One of my favorite songs out right now... there's a little bit of truth to everything he says... WALE is killing right now... every body needs to listen to his stuff its popping. Another thing with him that I like is that he Really cares about his fans so you guys should support him... Go Wale!!

Chicken Breast???

Breast Mouse Pad???

Whoa!!!!... id purposely lose that video game!!!



Testicles Testicles 123 Mic check, Class room flo!!!>>>>>>> GRACIAS!!!!



Blog blog blog talk talk talk..... i really have nothing to say. Im actually pissed off that i dont have a way to put my music on this blog yet!!!!

Diddy verse to "O Let's Do It"

Seen this picture on the internet nd it made me say wow..... actually freaked me out a lil bit... hope u like it....

ps.... The girl on the right is kinda cute... sum1 should holla at ha lol

So we haven't really been posting anything on dis blog of ours..... but i jus realized that i have this new enlarged amount of time on my hands.... so i think im gonna start touchin this thing up a tad bit.... leezoooit!!!