The Q.U.A.C.K Squad Memoirs

Three homies and a rubber ducky. Pause...

Dude Named Young Flame goes off the top freestyling about everything that his firends place into his hands... I like I like!!!


Random Flix

Us when we first found out we really had to mow a lawn...

Action Shot - Jboy Dunk

Being chased by a lawn mower = no fun

Huge turtle wrangling by Cake Man Raven

I journeyed over to USC on Easter weekend with the cake team and Cake Man Raven himself 2 check out the Kappa probate.... i must say... it was nice... !!BUT!! I believe they failed to portray the fraternity values and what they're supposed to stand for. All i really saw was a lot of dry humping and shoulder shaking... but i guess that was just them playing into he stereo type...