The Q.U.A.C.K Squad Memoirs

Three homies and a rubber ducky. Pause...

I never got the chance to pay my respects to The King of Pop so wut better way to do it then put it up on da Q.U.A.C.K Squads Blog....Mike and his music has reached every part of the world bringin families closer with his lyrics and smiles and entertainment with his o so original dance moves and acrobatics....i dont think theres a country in the world that WASNT effected by his dealth....our hearts go out 2 his fam nd close friends 4 we have lost a king.....The day he died wuz sooooo surprising...i wuz selling cupcakes nd then boom hes all over the news all dead nd stuff smh...but hey he's in a better place right?.... As that day progressed a question that i wondered to myself wuz....If President Obama wuz elected the 1st black president and Micheal Jackson Died on the Same day who would b more important that day?...a better question is....If Obamas Inaugural Parade nd Micheal Jacksons Funeral wuz on the same day at the same time...which event would have more people? wuz jus sumthin i wuz wondering...feel free 2 tell me ur thoughts

In the HBCU marching band world this is wut they would call BEASTING!!!....i didnt wanna put up a regular clip of 1 of mikes videos bcuz im sure thats wut every1 did or is instead i give u this....a marching band playing 1 of mikes songz...another kool clip...


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