The Q.U.A.C.K Squad Memoirs

Three homies and a rubber ducky. Pause...

Every time I read anything that has to do with this guy, it reminds me that I don't have to conform to anything to make it in this industry...

Here's some parts of the article I really identified with. I felt like I told him to say that shyt lol...

-“I like to come from the most natural space. There’s a line in the

Suzan-Lori Parks play I did [Topdog/Underdog] that goes, ‘You’re only

yourself when no one’s watching.’ For me, the technique has been to

behave the way I do when no one’s watching when everyone’s watching.

That’s a scary proposition sometimes, because people are not kind or

understanding. But I’m not gonna let that stop me.”

-“To quote the Dalai Lama, ‘I’m

being wisely selfish,’” says Mos, humbly shrugging

his shoulders. “It’s in my best interest to

have the best interests of the planet in mind. It’s

one thing to be the greatest; it’s another thing to

be necessary, and that’s the aim for me. The best are the most necessary:

those who take less than they give and love more than they hate.”

real shyt...

click the link above for the whole article


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