The Q.U.A.C.K Squad Memoirs

Three homies and a rubber ducky. Pause...

Pink Range Rover in front of my job...Nice

Live turtles being sold on da streets of ny...r.i.p. Geronimo..(My Pet Turtle)

Guy in his rented roles Royce showing off lol...shyt i would...

The Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band practicing in ZERO degree weather...Exaggeration?...yes....but still pretty damn cold....

So i have my camera with me....ALL THE TIME.... nd every once in a while i c sumthin nd i go heeey...this would b a kool lil picture...then the magic happens...i whip the camera out nd take a quick flick....this happens alot....its like a photographic gene that i here are a few random pics of ny that i have as a product of my boredum nd partial photographic skillz....these r all taken with a Casio Exilim 7.2 mega pixel camera....if u like the pics then koolio ill keep em cummin...if not den u can either piss off or........donate sum green 4 me 2 buy a better camera....if nun of the above then u can move on to the next post lol.... ;-)

McDonald's on 42nd street Manhattan

Sum artist guy sellin kool subway maps on 14th st

The Brooklyn museum featuring 2 good friends of mine

Prospect Park Train Station Sign

Ive actually been living in Ny 4 a long time nd never knew wut those numbers flashing in union square meant....i jus found out that its the actual time in super military steroid mode lol


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